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[About GomiDays]

The Dairy routine , to group various trashes and to put them is a troublesome work.
To remind the specified days of trash , please use this Calendar.
You can arrange text and Icon of this WebCalenadr , and can print this.

[About this frash calendar]

[How to Use]

Main part is a Calendar area.
In this Calendar part, You can write a text in a box of a day.
Month and Nation is changeable by MonthButton and NationButton.
To arrange trash Icons, you can drag trash Icons at button part .
To use another Icon, please click Icon button of "shoes" or "TV".


After printout, expression of Month and Nation chage into "6" and "Neutral".
This is a bug, but not a serious problem in our system.
If you cannot get a suitable print, please contact us.